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Recorded Telephone Shops*.


How many rings before your phone is answered?  How was the greeting.  What was your employee's demeanor?  Listen for yourself!


Our mystery shopping programs are customized with you, the client in mind.


Your Mystery Shop reports can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week on any web browser. With on-line reporting you will be able to compare reports from month-to-month, year-to-date and see how one location compares to other locations. You can even create graphs and comparison charts from anywhere you have internet access!


What businesses use mystery shopping? Virtually every business has contracted with mystery shopping companies to evaluate their customer service, product presentation, quality of service, business maintenance, how long it takes to be waited on, employee friendliness, see if employees are adhering to policies you have put in place and any other areas you deem necessary.


Use your mystery shop results as a training tool. Some business present awards to their staff if a high score is obtained. You can also use the reports to follow management performance. Although it is recommended that employees know you have a mystery shopping program in place they won't know if a customer they are waiting on is a mystery shopper.


* Contact NWLPC for detailed information!

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