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NWLPC serves companies in a range of industries including restaurant, retail, property management and hotel. From large national chains, to one-of-a kind boutique experiences, our expertise helps companies proactively reduce losses and guard their assets.

Businesses pay millions of dollars per year in advertising. Once you get customers through the door, you want to make sure they receive the service that will bring them in again and again. How can you make sure your customers receive the service they come to expect? How can you make a good first impression? The answer is simple. Mystery Shoppers.




*** WARNING ***

If you received a letter and a check from NWLPC please do not cash it. NWLPC did not send you this check, it is a SCAM!!

If you received one of thes checks please contact me immediately so that we can investigate the scam. Thank you


More than just Mystery Shopping, we provide Surveys, Competitor Audits, Alcohol Compliance and Private Investigation Services.

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