Mystery Shopping, Loss Prevention, Private Investigation | Seattle WA

NW Loss Prevention Consultants Services

We serve companies in a range of industries including restaurant, retail, property management and hotel. From large national chains, to one-of-a kind boutique experiences, our expertise helps companies proactively reduce losses and guard their assets.

Mystery Shops

How do your customers perceive your business? 

Integrity Shops

Employee theft can be devastating to your business.

Price Audits

Contact us for more information about price audits.

Telephone Recorded Shops

Do you want to know if your phones are being answered promptly and properly? 

Internal Surveys

Your management team can conduct internal audits in real time.

Computer Forensics & Computer Analysis

Computer Forensics & Computer Investigative Analysis - offers the most elite computer investigations.

Digital Comment Cards

Are you looking for instant feedback of your customers visit to your business?

Social Media Monitoring

We manage all of your reviews from popular sites like Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, OpenTable,  and more.

Our Professional Associations

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