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Social Media Monitoring


Monitoring and responding to positive reviews are just as important as responding to negative reviews.  Responding to all reviews show your customers, and potential customers, you care. A good number of consumers go to social media before they select a restaurant, or any business, to visit.

NWLPC has partnered with Reply Pro to track your social media.  NWLPC has three tiers of monitoring:


Single Location Audits: Single location audits will know if they meet company standards and brand consistency.

See All Reviews: Each location will also receive a copy of their latest reviews.

Improvement If a location fails to meet a company standard, we provide recommendations and tips on how to improve.

Multi-location Report Managers of multi-locations will receive a report detailing the performance of all of their locations.


Receive Updates: Get notified about all new online reviews so you know what your customers are saying.

Receive Weekly Performance Reports: Receive a weekly snapshot of how your single-location or entire organization performed over the last week.

Respond Back: Save time by responding to all of your reviews, from every location, from one platform.

Share Reviews:  Promote your best reviews by sharing them on your local Facebook pages.


Receive Updates: Get notified about all new online reviews so you know what your customers are saying.

Get Recommendations: We give you recommendations about local marketing actions: - Responses to Reviews - Sharing Reviews to Facebook - Sharing Reviews to Google  - Flagging Negative Reviews - Fixing Local Listing Data

Accept, Edit, or Ignore: Even though we send recommendations, you are always in full control of what is posted online. You can always accept, edit, or ignore our recommendations.



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